Mastalerz group

Prof. M. Mastalerz research program focuses on the synthesis of nanosized cage and ring compounds with an emphasis on shape-persistent covalently bound structures, by dynamic covalent chemistry (DCC). The obtained functionalized compounds have defined and precisely confined interior space, which can be used to host guest-molecules of different sizes or for gas sorption. In this way, cages of various sizes and geometries can be obtained by choosing the right precursors. One fundamental aim is to obtain a better understanding of the influence of the precursors degree of rigidity and pre-orientation of functional groups on formation of the shape-persistent organic cages. Furthermore, the group is interested in the synthesis of highly functional porous organic polymers (POPs), non-fullerene acceptors, gas sensors, field-effect transistors and organic batteries. Characterization of the porous materials is mostly done by gas adsorption at CAM.

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