Klingeler group at CAM

Klingeler group

The team's activities include synthesis of new materials as well as investigation of magnetic, electronic and structural properties. The focus in materials research includes (1) metal-organic coordination compounds and magnetic molecules, (2) Carbon-based nanomaterials and hierarchically structured nanocomposites, (3) functional oxides (e.g., multiferroics) and, (4) carbon-wrapped nanomagnets. In addition to fundamental research, applications mainly aim at electrochemical energy storage (Li-/Na-ion batteries; organic batteries), nanomedical and biomedical studies, as well as molecular spinelectroics. It is, e.g., illustrated by the recent collaborative BMBF project SpinFun (SpinFun: Magnetische Funktionsmaterialien für die molekulare Spinelektronik und magnetische Sensorik) which involves various CAM groups.


Find the Klingeler group here: http://www.kip.uni-heidelberg.de/cmm/


Elisa Thauer
PhD student
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