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Working at CAM

To work at CAM, please follow the guideline for new CAM users (login with your Uni-ID).

Application for access to CAM resources (Nutzungsantrag)

The application form for the usage of CAM infrastructure (in German) is available here: Nutzungsantrag


Safety coordinator


The cleanroom is managed by Stefan Kauschke. For details of the cleanroom access see the internal cleanroom pages.


We are using Sharepoint for booking of devices and facilities:

(login with Uni ID possible for persons registered at CAM)

The Sharepoint webpage is maintained by Stefan Kauschke


The CAM IT responsible ("EDV Beauftragter") is Olaf Skibbe.


The CAM X-ray responsible ("Röntgenschutzbeauftragter") is Olaf Skibbe

Corporate identity

CAM members are encouraged to use the CAM logo on posters, letters, etc. The logos and templates can be found here (login with Uni-ID required).

Centre for Advanced Materials
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