Bachelor & Master Projects

If you're interested in any of our research topics, or in organic electronics in general, and are looking for bachelor or master thesis project, have a look at our teaching page. Topics can range from purely experimental work to numerical simulations of electronic processes in organic semiconductors or ferroelectrics.

PhD Projects

At present we do not have any open PhD positions available.


If you're interested to work with us and have a background in physics, applied physics, physical chemistry or equivalent, please contact Martijn Kemerink directly. Please add a CV, transcripts of your BSc and MSc grades and a short specific motivation to your application.

Note that all PhD students in our group will be enrolled in the Heidelberg Graduate School for Physics (HGSFP). Please check the HGSFP website for specific admission requirements.

Open applications...

In view of the many open applications we receive, the only open applications that will be considered are those from candidates that either already have secured own funding or that have a concrete research idea plus funding opportunity. In that case, please include a  short (1/2 A4) sketch of the proposed research topic and specify the (intended) funding agency.

All other open applications will be disregarded.