Devices and Setups

Here we present variouse instruments that are currently in use in our group.

Double Beam Laser Interferometer (DBLI)

Cleanroom Metal and Organic Thermal Evaporators

The thermal metallic evaporator (Mantis Deposition LTD Evaporator) allows for evaporation and thus deposition on substrates of metals such as gold, aluminum, chromium and silver. The evaporation takes place via heating of evaporation boats in which the material resides. Both manual and rate-controlled evaporation procedures are possible.

Gloveboxes In- and Outside the Cleanroom

Vacuum and Air Probestations

The probe stations are used for electric characterization of samples. The contact needles allow for both out-of-plane and in-plane devices to be investigated. The air probe station is mostly used for ferroelectric characterization under atmosphere conditions. The vacuum probe station allows for electric and dielectric measurements under vacuum. Furthermore, the samples can be cooled down to temperatures as low as 70 K via usage of fluid nitrogen.

Atomic Force Microscope

Nadetech Innovations ND-DC Dip-coater


This fully automatized and straight-forward setup allows for coating of substrates with solutions. The dip-coater is located in a closeable box which isolates the coating process from external atmospheric changes. Dip-coating is known for its well-controlled and reproducible production of aligned films. The aligned deposition of the material is possible due to broken symmetry at the vapour-substrate-liquid interface. The aligned films can and are used for further experiments.

EFM3T Electron Beam Evaporator

This custom build evaporator from the former Pucci group offers excelent vacuum coditions. This makes it especially suited for the controlled evaporation of thin metal films. It is mainly used to evaporate films for precise lithography processes.

Chemical Workspaces

The fume hood offers a safe environment for the handling of chemicals. it is mainly used for the processing of organic compounds which are not oxygen sensitive.

Quantum-Efficiency Setup