Free software

This page contains a few pieces of software that were written by Martijn Kemerink and that might be of broader relevance. The programs are written in MatLab and can be dowloaded as .m code files as well as executables. The latter require the corresponding free runtime from MathWorks, the specific version that is required can be found in the supporting files that sit in the downloadable zip archives.

Available programs, see also the menu items on the left:

IV-curve analysis - a program that allows you to automaticaly extract reliable mobilities and related parameters from IV curves in the space charge limited conductivity regime (SCLC).

COVID simulation - two programs that model the spatial and temporal evolution of COVID-19 (or anything infectious). The programs allow you to play around with spreading parameters, vaccination programs, compulsory quarantines and much more, and to visualize the effect on virus spreading in space and time.